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Good compliance is like a clean bill of health.


Compliance Services

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Support

KYC Support provides a quick and cursory background check and documentary review to assist in client onboarding or new business relationships.

Mini Due Diligence (MDD)

The MDD is a proprietary and highly cost-effective solution that can approximate what an Enhanced Due Diligence may find, saving time and cost while flagging any issues which may merit further investigation.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

The EDD is an exhaustive due diligence run on an individual or company, merging database searches with investigative know-how and follow-up from our experienced team. The EDD leaves no stone unturned, and provides a thorough report of all findings and sources.

KYC Verified

KYC Verified is an industry first – a unique shared KYC solution compatible with LinkedIn. KYC Verified facilitates transparency and demonstrates an entity or individual’s commitment to openness and best practice, boosting their employability and reputation. The client has total control over the visibility of their certification and can turn it on at off at their discretion.

KYC Verified

USD 9.50 per month

ROKH’s KYC solution is a proprietary service beginning with a full KYC check on an individual or entity using a range of industry-standard databases. Following successful completion, the client is provided with a secure LinkedIn credential badge confirming their “KYC Verified” status.

This badge, backed by tangible compliance checks from reputed platforms provides potential employers and business partners with confidence; knowing their counterparty has been properly vetted. The findings of the KYC check can be provided to a counterparty at the client’s request, for perfect transparency.

Human Resources: Background & KYC Verified

USD 14.00 per month

Upon request, ROKH can review your criminal record extracts and debt enforcement records, and add a “Background Checked” mention to your “KYC Verified” LinkedIn Badge. This service also checks your references, CV and employment records to confirm they match your LinkedIn profile. For professionals with access to sensitive information or materials, or in any role where personal reputation is of critical importance, the Background & KYC Verified status is a unique way to stand out from the crowd, and represents the Gold-Standard in transparency and employability.

KYC Monitoring

Pricing on request

A previous KYC check is no guarantee of the current compliance status of an individual, investment structure or company – things can change in a heartbeat. Our Business to Business (B2B) product of automated compliance allows our clients to monitor thousands of Persons-of-Interest (POIs) and be alerted to any change in their risk profile, without additional staff resources. Get ahead of the curve and ensure that your portfolio of employees, partners and clients remains above board, and that your company remains beyond reproach.

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