Cyber Security
Cyber Security forms an integral part of our Security services. Cyber Security is a growing concern in our dynamic, online world. We offer tailored solutions to our clients which monitor log managers, flags incidents and identify the threats.
Business Consulting
We offer business consulting services for companies expanding into emerging markets. This may be for suppliers, clients, partnerships, resources or philanthropical reasons. Our team draws from our global network, their expertise and MBA level certification to guide businesses in their growth.
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Security & Compliance

Security Intelligence and Compliance are key to protecting one’s business, saving money and avoiding unnecessary losses. We provide four pillars of security intelligence tailored to our clients’ needs: Due Diligence (Advanced KYC), Pre-Employment Screening, Cyber Security and Training (PACE: Practices Against Corporate Espionage).


Global Investigations
Our global investigations are tailored to collect and analyse actionable intelligence for our clients. Our network and expertise are optimised for commercial operations. Our team of investigators are private detectives and commercial intelligence officers licenced by the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.
Recovery Services

Our Recovery services concentrate on direct intelligence aimed at litigation support, global asset traces, debt recovery or negotiations intelligence. Our Recovery services are relevant to enforcing awards and we have the capacity, depending on the jurisdiction, to file small claims on behalf of the client.




A rook (from Persian رخ rokh) is a piece in the board game of chess and originally means chariot. The Persian word rokh was later mistaken as the Italian word rocca, meaning fortress. ROKH embodies both interpretations as we provide both defensive and offensive strategies.


The MACKENZIE Agency was incorporated in 2018 by David Mackenzie and is the founding stone of ROKH. The firm operates on an international platform with clients from a variety of industries. The firm provides exclusive services in Security & Compliance, Investigations and Recovery.





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